Greenery in your choice of italian ruscus or silver dollar eucalyptus.  You can lay out greenery down a rectangular table or place around a lantern or candle grouping on round tables.  Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is putting on new growth around mid-May to late-June and easily wilts at this time so we do not recommend.  The image you see with the pumpkins is Italian Ruscus laid out down a head table at Olde Dobbin Station.

Greenery Bundle

  • For laying out greenery around candle groupings and lanterns, I would suggest using 1 bundle for 3 centerpieces.  You will need to have hand-held pruning shears (heavy duty scissors will work in a pinch) to cut the greenery.  

    For laying out greenery down an 8' rectangular table I would suggest 1 bundle of eucalyptus or 3/4 bundle of Italian Ruscus.  I believe this is plenty if you have some items to tuck in such as candles.  Typically, the Italian Ruscus has more volume, where the eucalyptus lays flatter.  I love eucalyptus, but I think it works better when wound in a garland, where the italian ruscus gives a great look laid out.